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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

The depiction of Solar Eclipse effecting changes in Air, Water and Earth underlined with vertical and horizontal lines.

An playful effort in watercolor.


My next painting is waiting to be scanned for this blog. As I sat with a fresh paper and color I had no idea what I would draw. But water color gives path to some formations on the way as the colors blended with each other. When I saw my paper filled, I found something to ponder upon. What is the subject?

I started with a big circle which was like a sun . Now It seemed to have  Solar Eclipse ! I dont know what you would make out of it!



This is a Vector Illustration of Hibiscus … traced and colored from a drawing.

After lot of painting and sketching, its fun to work on my computer. Hibiscus was not easy to trace or color using a software. I tried bringing more natural colors but then illustrations look good when colored with a crispiness. To know more about Vector Art you can take a look at Jennifer Borton’s blog in my Blogroll.

Country Teapot

Country Teapot

This is a drawing OR sketching of a Country Teapot, mostly used for making tea and not just storing tea.

This sketch has been done in CRAYONS which is also an interesting medium.This is an observation work and not sketching from models. I have seen this object few times and the shape and feature remained unconsciously till one day I had to dig out a bit  to make it a subject of my doodles!! 🙂

Love to share with you all.

Bihu Dance

Bihu Dance

This is another  form of Bihu Dance where women rotate facing each other. It is performed in large group at the onset of new year during spring season.

It is a copy work of an advertisement published in a magazine, done at least 10- 12 yrs back! Learning this way has been beneficial for me tremendously.

It is done on a simple drawing paper with not so good poster color as I could not support myself with good quality water colors so many years back.

Bihu Dance

Bihu Dance

Bihu Dance is a local Assamese dance, India, often a symbol of celebration of start of Spring season. Women dance in one parallel line while men blow trumpets.

An effort in Acrylic colors on helmet paper. Another version of Bihu dance is coming up!