Art’s Grace

About Art’s Grace

Everything is Art. The world around us with so many species to see around is an Art and His grace follows. so ART + HIS Grace = His grace on everything creative. ART’s GRACE.

A lover of nature, landscape drawing and painting attracts me more.

As a self-taught artist, I love all painting mediums but like watercolor and brush of something more. Watercolor has its versatility and simplicity too.

Art with Technology gives a versatile output and I have done some professional work designing web pages in past.

Now, I am interested in doing pure artwork using technology or any thing at hand. Vector Illustrations interest me a lot. Making wallpaper, cards, clipart, posters etc.

With His Grace.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait


7 Responses to "About Art’s Grace"

very nice work! i really like the Araku Valley picture. beautiful colors.

Thank You for your comment.

Lovely watercolor. I want to see more!

Thank You Leslie.


Your work is lovely. I appreciate that you are a self-taught, artist, because I am much the same. I’ve only recently taken a painting class.

I enjoy reading about your work. I’ve added you to my Blogroll so that others can also see the beauty of your work.


Thank You Jackie.
Nice to see your collages on your blog, that I have long forgotten…


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