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Usefulness of a Tree

Not that no one knows about this ( conserving the green) important thing but how much more one knows and can give inputs regarding it! Well, taking them all,  I will draw another illustration for my next post 🙂
Thank you for going through.


Rabbit and the Tortoise

An illustration of a famous race / competition which teaches us a lot. I know the background color sort of looks unmatched. Well, I slightly changed it form the original one again for copyright issues..

Mountain vacation

A vector illustration of a  hilly landscape. My most cherished trip which I mentioned in Kumaon holidays. More of my vectors on .

What a healthy lifestyle depicts? Waiting for more inspirations and answers.


Again, a vector illustration of Celebration time. Celebrating New Year or the coming Valentines day. You van have look at my profile of Vector Illustrations at

With no art on my hand to express pain, I took up the grief of people who fall prey to wars between nations or borders. An effort to express the sight that I had watched though not with my eyes but the telecast of Gulf war and few after that.


Blazing Dawn turns to dusty dusk,
Storming through air on bosom it falls;
all the night like gorgon sharks,
fighters shoot fire balls.

Breaking bonds, dividing the land,
spilling blood on smoky lane,
where shall civilization safely stand,
leaving wounds of anger and pain?

Some alive here  many die there,
so many loose and one wins there,
there they are in last breathe
here we long for fresh air.

They attack on our home,
They tear into our flesh,
some lie alone friendless,
some are shattered, homeless.

Blazing dawn turns to dusty dusk.

Kumaon Holidays

Kumaon Holidays

Last week was a breathtaking holiday near the highest peaks of  the earth, The Himalayas. We did not trek towards the snow capped peaks but went at least 7500ft high above the sea level to get a look of this divine beauty.

Sunny morning, cold wind and starry chilling nights. We drove through the deep pine forests uphills and downhills. Small villages with their farming lands which is fertile for orchids and orchards. Far off houses with little amenities and yet no complains or diseases on the faces of the people. All it says is small is beautiful and simple is divine. Our heart was melting in this chilling weather and the soul washed with simplicity in food and living.

The pictures are real but tried editing to make it look as a painting but failed. That which has been created beautiful cannot be remake d!! On Google you can look for Kumaon ranges and Garhwal ranges for your simple breathtaking holidays.