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Usefulness of a Tree

Not that no one knows about this ( conserving the green) important thing but how much more one knows and can give inputs regarding it! Well, taking them all,  I will draw another illustration for my next post 🙂
Thank you for going through.


Rabbit and the Tortoise

An illustration of a famous race / competition which teaches us a lot. I know the background color sort of looks unmatched. Well, I slightly changed it form the original one again for copyright issues..

Mountain vacation

A vector illustration of a  hilly landscape. My most cherished trip which I mentioned in Kumaon holidays. More of my vectors on .

Autumn Tree

Autumn Tree

This is a vector illustration of Autumn Season.
An effort to say that nature has a cycle of blooming by itself which says it is more powerful than we human beings are.



This is a Vector Illustration of Hibiscus … traced and colored from a drawing.

After lot of painting and sketching, its fun to work on my computer. Hibiscus was not easy to trace or color using a software. I tried bringing more natural colors but then illustrations look good when colored with a crispiness. To know more about Vector Art you can take a look at Jennifer Borton’s blog in my Blogroll.


My Little One...

My Little One...

A vector illustration of my little one…
Its downloadable if you are interested and comment on what more is needed here.